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Direct. Bold. Intense.

These are the words my clients have used to describe me. I’m known for providing input that hits you "right between the eyes" which inspired the name of this blog. Read on...


Senegal Sunset

For me, it wasn't George Floyd who opened my eyes. It was a cab driver from Senegal.  My flight arrived late and I'd already missed the shuttle bus taking passengers from Detroit Metro to…

Full Life Mirror

In my role as a career coach, part of my job is to hold up what I call the "full life" mirror for my clients so they can truly see themselves, their brand, their attitude, and their abilities and I…

Profile Power

"I have a profile, but I don't really use it." "I set that up a long time ago, but I don't do anything with it, except to connect with co-workers or people I meet through work." "I look at job…
Career Direction

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I help people find fulfillment in their careers and help businesses create stronger teams.