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New Networking

Focus on the 5th Question™

There's a school of thought that networking is all about talking about yourself, shaking hands, exchanging business cards and schmoozing but that's missing the point.  It's really about having a conversation that adds value to another person's life with the goal for creating a lasting relationship. But how do we get to that?

By using a strategy that moves us past the small talk that is often involved in networking settings. And we can move past this small talk if we focus our attention on the 5th Question. This strategy allows for real relationships to develop and will increase your networking confidence. Handshakes and business cards are optional. 

This engaging and interactive workshop delivers outcomes that will:

  • Change the way your employees show interest in others by focusing on the 5th question;
  • Establish a plan to ensure your employees enjoy consistent networking success;
  • Foster a sense of personal accountability for attending networking events; and
  • Ensure the employees representing your company are advancing your brand.

Best Audiences: Corporations, Professional Associations, Training Events, Pre-Event Workshop